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Executive Director

Tom Guidugli
859-581-2533 (Ext. 204)

Deputy Director

Tracie Joyner
859-581-2533 (Ext. 211)

Open Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Neighborhood Foundations
30 East 8th Street
P.O. Box 72459
Newport, KY 41071

Phone: (859) 581-2533
TDD line: (859) 581-3181
Fax: (859) 581-9009

Mission Statement

To provide and develop quality, affordable housing opportunities while revitalizing our neighborhoods!

City Wide Apartments

Site Manager

Debbie Crabb

859-581-2533 (Ext. 202)


Shelley Jett

Housing Specialist

859-581-2533 (Ext. 233)


Tim Winkelman

859-581-2533 (Ext. 215)

Jack Beyer

Allen Groneman

Michael Burton

David Hardin

William Ivy

Ronnie Mullins

Virgil Tucker

Grand Towers

Site Manager

Peggy Bramble
859-581-2533 (Ext. 302)



Chuck Meyers

859-581-2533 Ext 303

James Beecher

Scholar House, Corpus Christi & Clifton Hills

Site Manager

Beth Schweinzger
859-581-2533 (Ext. 207)


Chris Wolf

Steve Anders


Highland Village

Site Manager

Kelly Speier

859-581-2533 (Ext 220)


Kevin Joyner

Kylen Rohrig

Senior Services Coordinator (Clifton Hills, Corpus Christi, Grand Towers and Highland Village)

Gale Halsey

859-581-2533 ext. 304


W. Thomas Fisher

Barron Peck Bennie and Schlemmer

Board of Commissioners

Michael Chalk, Chairperson

Richard Buechel, Jr., Vice Chairperson

Carolyn Duff

Joseph M. Mumper

Mayor Thomas L. Guidugli, Jr.


Department of Section 8


Jodie Reckers

859-581-2533 (Ext. 216)


Occupancy Specialist

Amy Thornton

859-581-2533 (Ext. 219)

Occupancy Specialist

Terri Lentz

859-581-2533 (Ext. 212)

FSS Coordinator

Barbara Wright-Ide

859-581-2533 (Ext. 294)

Inspection Specialist
859-581-2533 (Ext. 206)

Administration Building


Lisa Zecher
859-581-2533 (Ext. 201)


Administrative Assistant

Affordable Homeownership Coordinator

Gina Schneider

859-581-2533 (Ext. 214)


Finance Director
Ron Rawe
859-581-2533(Ext. 208)


Accounting Assistant
Anne Stull
859-581-2533 (Ext. 205)


Procurement Director
Randy Schweinzger
859-581-2533 (Ext. 217)


Construction Project Manager

Chris Novak

859-581-2533 (Ext.218)

NMHC III Construction Team

Billy Oliver

Greyling Poellnitz

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